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          Owner Jouke Kleerebezem, Amsterdam

salon view from kitchen

Authentic 16th century town house in Burgundy

Café de Tannay is a spacious one-to-four person lodging in the ancient center of the originally Middle Aged wine village Tannay (name derived from Celtic ‘tann’, oak) in the western part of the Burgundy region, at some two-and-a-half driving hours south of Paris and at only 20 kilometers from UNESCO World-heritage site Vézelay, on its ‘eternal hill’ dominating the surrounding Morvan Regional Park.

The house measures 120m2 of habitable space. At the ground floor level the living/dining room is accessed from the quiet and well protected garden. Its gate opens to the Tannay main street, Rue Ste. Agathe. In the garden are a partly covered terrace and water well. Also an access to the vaulted wine cellar is here. Another access to the cellar is from the courtyard behind the house. The well equipped kitchen, situated next to the salon, opens onto this courtyard, a so called cour commune, or semipublic space shared by its residents. The extension next to the kitchen contains on the ground floor a shower-toilet and on the second floor a bathroom double washing stand. From its small landing one accesses a larger 16m2 passage with a separate second floor toilet. Two bedroom/sitting rooms are accessed from here.

The house is rich in architectural detail from various periods: pièce de résistance is its 16c stone spiral staircase; roughly from the same period are supporting stones, niches and door portals, or the salon’s long wall with embedded arches extending into the kitchen; an impressive oak beam connects the salon’s other walls, its floor is in 19c decorated cement tiles, the kitchen’s floor in ancient pottery tiles; on the second floor are two 18c oak cupboards and more stone details and niches. In the vaulted wine cellar are stone fermentation tubs.

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Living onto the well protected front garden with its portal onto Rue Ste. Agathe

de cour communale

The cour communale, backside (or second front side) of the house
In late summer the sage is still in bloom

terras aan de cour

Terrace behind the annex

uitzicht uit slaapkamer op tuin

Garden view from the second bedroom.

slaapkamer 2 detail  slaapkamer 2 detail
slaapkamer 1  slaapkamer 2
lunch onder de abri  orange sky
detail  detail
bed literature  some work to do
werkblad keuken  canned heat woodstock 1969

Current availability


5, Rue Ste. Agathe
58190 Tannay

Correspondence address
Joris Ivensplein 76
1087 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 1351 6403
+33 (0)7 8145 0214



[For availability dates see calendar below]

The (former) Café de Tannay is rented out from May till November at €600 (in early and late season) and €700 (for July and August) per week.

The price includes the use of all linnen, eventual heating costs, wifi broadband Internet access. Additional cleaning costs are €50.

Other amenities are e.g. its well equipped kitchen, table tennis, audio, bicycle.


By car
The route via Paris takes the A6 south in the direction of Lyon, exit for Auxerre. In Auxerre keep the Nevers direction, via N151. Exit into Clamecy, cross the Yonne river and keep directly right-left through the center of town. Another left-right-left onto D34 to Tannay. Entering Tannay past the Marché U. After 500m. high bamboo peeks from the Rue Ste. Agathe number 5, Café de Tannay garden. Take the first right and park on Place Charles Chaigneau. The courtyard is right behind the porch at your right hand side.

By public transport
From the Paris Gare de Bercy railway station on weekdays 4 trains leave for Clamecy-Tannay. Three of these trains are continued after Clamecy by a bus connection for the last 12 kms. The bus drops you off at the Place de l’église at 3 minutes from the house. Weekends have a different schedule. This is especially important for the connection with international trains arriving in Paris e.g. at Gare du Nord. Expect it to take about an hour for the metro to mov you from one of these Paris railway stations to the other.


Archeological finds prove that Tannay has a Celtic history but it is first described in 1121, as a religious center. Today to French standards it is a still rather well served small town, with just under 600 inhabitants, offering a bakery, butcher, two wine producer’s boutiques, a supermarket with ATM and gas station, a Maison de Presse book and magazine store, drug store/pharmacy, two Dutch(!) general medical practices and a veterinarian, two restaurants, one also a hotel, and two bars, two shoe stores, a hairdresser, a post office and Crédit Agricole bank. At two kilometers from the center is a small port where one can rent a boat to float along the Canal du Nivernais, running parallel to the Yonne river. To the north-west of Tannay are its Melon de Bourgogne or Chardonnay varieties growing vineyards and surrounding woods.

Towards the east, World-heritage Vézelay with its Mary Magdalene basilica is at walking distance. That is, if you are on a Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage. Us ordinary mortals drive there in 20 minutes. Other cultural or more urban destinations nearby could be the Cistercian monasteries of Fontenay, or Pontigny; cities on the Loire river like Nevers (famous for the shooting of Alain Resnais’ 1959 Hiroshima mon amour after the screenplay by Marguerite Duras, a little lesser known for one of the few realized building projects by French theorist-philosopher Paul Virilio and Claude Parent, the 1966 ‘bunker church’. and to stay with religion, Nevers also has the Saint-Gildard chapel where rests a embalmed Bernadette Soubirous, who at age 14 had 18 visions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, in 1858). Further north along the Loire are Cosne and antique book town La Charité with its 14 book antiquarians.

For those who would like to visit Paris for a day, the French capital is a two-and-a-half hours drive away. Also French SNCF railways take you there 4 times a day, with a bus connecting Tannay to the Clamecy railway station at 10km. A better and faster connection is Cosne-Paris, only 1h50'.

Down from the top:

1 writing desk in the second bedroom
2 window onto the garden in the same room

3 first bedroom with bookshelves and 18th century oak doors cupboards
4 second bedroom with two writing desks

5 a meal under the garden roof: protected from the sun, protected from the rain, you live outside
6 orange skies, evening light

7 candelabras on the side
8 lost tin storks

9 bed time reading if you do not want to close your eyes yet
10 ...or if there’s some work left or the Internet demands your attention

11 one of four kitchen work surfaces
12 Café de Tannay time-machine: Canned Heat at Woodstock 1969, in Youtube video streaming


- Google Tannay
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Within 20kms
- Delphine Perrot, Ferme du Mazot, Taconnay: organic goat dairy and cheese, seasonal offer of lamb meat. Has a stand at the Clamecy Saturday market.
- La Graineterie, Clamecy: organic and local (fresh) products

Wijn en gastronomie
- Phylloxera: How Wine Was Saved for the World
- Burgundy wines
- Loire wines

(Contemporary) art and historical sites
- Parc Saint Leger Centre d'Art Contemporain
- Burgundy Museums, Clamecy and other towns
- UNESCO World-heritage Vézelay basilica
- Cistercian convents Pontigny and Fontenay
- La Charité (book town with 14 antiquarian stores and regular book markets)
- Bazoches castle
- prehistoric caves in Arcy sur Cure
- Aubigny former limestone quary
- ‘Art brut’ garden La Fabuloserie

- Nièvre tourism
- Morvan regional park